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Ken Campbell is a full-time fine art painter working from his studio on Canada’s West Coast. His original fine art includes drawings, plein aire paintings and studio works. A practitioner in oils and acrylic media he adapts such techniques as “oils over acrylics”, “metallic pigments painting” and Renaissance-style “underpainting & glazing”. His style is based in realism with notes of impressionism and abstraction. Ken’s oil and acrylic canvases reflect his passion for remarkable places and contemplative moments… seascapes, landscapes, figurative, still life and wildlife compositions. When not travelling on painting trips or preparing for exhibitions, Ken makes time to lead painting and drawing classes and workshops.

  1. jen permalink

    Nice site! Everything looks really great. Love the story about your dad too.

  2. Dear Ken, I was reading this week’s Friday Roundup from Ken Blackburn and found your work mentioned so had a look at your site and this blog. Wonderful stuff! I love the philosophy you inherited from your dad and mom.
    I have been looking for the “right” kind of trees to use for an indoor mural
    and realized seeing your Garry Oaks that they are exactly what I want!
    My blog is Stop by for a visit when you get a chance.

  3. hello Ken – I recently purchased an oil on canvas painting attributed and signed by Ken Campbell and was wondering whether it could be one of yours or your fathers – its a portrait of a young first nation man (or teenager). Its an incredible painting and we love it – the back of the canvas has a nother painting on it of a rural farm scene (not by the same painter). Its dated but we can’t tell whether its 98 or 48. Ken can you clear this up for us – we love your work.

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